Little Nemo X released!

Little Nemo X is a remake of EikSoft's original game, Little Nemo's Nightmare which was released in August of 2014. The game combines two NES classics, Little Nemo: The Dream Master and the lesser known game Monster Party, to add a horror themed twist.

There were numerous issues with the original game, namely that it was way too difficult, only giving the player one life to beat the entire game. This meant most players rarely made it past the first level. This has been fixed in the update by adding an easy mode for new players. Even if you've beaten Nightmare, this game is a whole new experience!

- NEW 2 Player mode!
- NEW Top 100 online high score table
- NEW level designs and enemies
- NEW easy mode for beginner players
- NEW hidden mode (See secret riddle at end of README.txt)
- Collision code and difficulty has been tweaked
- 3 Levels with an end boss for each
- Play as a different character per level, each with its own control style
- Randomly generated enemies / level elements for a new game on every play
- Hard mode unlocked after beating the game on normal difficulty
- Includes source code



Download Nemo X v1.0 (14MBs)

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