EikOS released!

Designed to be run on your CRT gaming station, EikOS brings all of the recent EikSoft games releases under one interface. There are multiple ways to customize your desktop, and you can also configure joystick and keyboard input for each game before you launch them. The retro boot screen, screensavers, and old school computer hum sound effects will have you feeling like you're back in the Windows 95 days again! Future game releases will be integrated into EikOS as a version update.

- Includes Joust X, Little Nemo X, Demon Attack X, and Bubble Bobble RPG
- Retro boot sequence, complete with ram counter and energy saver badge
- Customize the colors of your desktop
- Custom mouse cursors
- Two retro screensavers, bounce and matrix
- Configure the controls of every game before you launch it
- Games launch in the screen mode matching EikOS for a seamless integration
- EikOS resumes just as you left it after gameplay
- Includes full source code



Download EikOS v1.0 (71MBs)

Bubble Bobble RPG released!

Bubble Bobble RPG sets its sights on the lofty goal of reimagining one of the most addictive and entertaining multiplayer games for the NES. By adding RPG elements and randomization the aim is to make each playthrough as different as possible to increase replayability. Journey through the cave of monsters and collect treasure, items, and increase your experience to level up your bubble dragon as you see fit. With fifty unique levels, a magic system, item shops, and three bosses to contend with, you've never played Bubble Bobble like this before!

- 2 Player mode, with split keyboard and dual joystick support
- Top 100 online high score table
- Random level order, tilesets, and enemy selection on every play
- Select between Bubble Bobble 1 and 2 musical sound tracks
- Three dragon classes with different attributes - Bubble, Flame, and Spark
- Three boss battles that will put your skills to the test
- 17 different items range from health potions to level clearing spell books
- Level based magic system, charge your bubbles to unleash magic shots
- Level up your dragon by empowering your bubbles, magic, or by boosting HP
- Enemies level up as well, getting stronger as the game progresses
- Find the key in each level to unlock hidden treasure
- Easy mode for beginner players
- Two hidden modes (See cheat codes at end of this file)
- Hard mode unlocked after beating the game on normal for endless play
- Includes full source code

TIP: You must play on normal and without cheats to submit a high score



Download Bubble Bobble RPG v1.0 (23MBs)

Demon Attack X released!

Demon Attack X is a remake of the TRS-80, Tandy Color Computer game that was published by IMAGIC in 1982. There were numerous ports based off the original Atari release, but I always found this version to be the best due to the unique graphics and the amazing boss battle - nothing else came close.

I set out to recreate it as closely as possible, while also adding a few new features that don't stray too far from the retro aesthetic. The two player mode is now simultaneous with both players sharing lives and score. I have also added an EGA mode that greatly expands the game's four color palette, now offering 96 randomized possible color combinations that change as the game goes on. Online high scores were added, as well as an optional tracker based musical score. I hope you'll find the game as mesmerizing as I did over 30 years ago!

- NEW 2 Player simultaneous mode, demons now take two hits to kill
- NEW Top 100 online high score table
- NEW EGA color mode with 96 possible color combinations
- NEW hidden mode (See secret code at the end of this file)
- NEW tracker based musical score
- Endless wave based play with ever increasing difficulty
- Challenging boss battles
- Includes source code



Download Demon Attack X v1.0 (8MBs)

Little Nemo X released!

Little Nemo X is a remake of EikSoft's original game, Little Nemo's Nightmare which was released in August of 2014. The game combines two NES classics, Little Nemo: The Dream Master and the lesser known game Monster Party, to add a horror themed twist.

There were numerous issues with the original game, namely that it was way too difficult, only giving the player one life to beat the entire game. This meant most players rarely made it past the first level. This has been fixed in the update by adding an easy mode for new players. Even if you've beaten Nightmare, this game is a whole new experience!

- NEW 2 Player mode!
- NEW Top 100 online high score table
- NEW level designs and enemies
- NEW easy mode for beginner players
- NEW hidden mode (See secret riddle at end of README.txt)
- Collision code and difficulty has been tweaked
- 3 Levels with an end boss for each
- Play as a different character per level, each with its own control style
- Randomly generated enemies / level elements for a new game on every play
- Hard mode unlocked after beating the game on normal difficulty
- Includes source code



Download Nemo X v1.0 (14MBs)

Joust X released!

EikSoft's first game release in nine years is finally here, full source code included!

Joust X is a remake of the NES version of Joust that was released in 1988, which is itself a port of the original Williams arcade game released in 1982. The graphics and music have been updated, particle effects were added, and the controls have been made much more fluid. It supports split keyboard or dual gamepads for 2 player simultaneous play. Notably, it was designed to be displayed on a CRT TV with a video out adapter, and is scaled to appear exactly as the NES original. The Joust universe has been expanded with three additional worlds that take you through multiple weather and control altering environments. You're also able to change the color scheme of both riders to further customize the experience. There is a ten entry local high score table, as well as a top 100 online leaderboard. Waves progress endlessly so the fun never ends. See if you can be the top Joust Champion!

I hope to use this game as a framework to remake other NES games in the future.

* Version 1.2 adds the ability to switch between NES and Famicom graphics



Download Joust X v1.2 (20MBs)

  Little Nemo's Nightmare released!

Little Nemo's Nightmare is a platforming game that combines elements of the NES classics Little Nemo: The Dream Master, and Monster Party to create a unique retro experience.

Download Little Nemo's Nightmare

  DopeWars Wii & PC Released!


Welcome to Eiksoft. We are an independent software development company that has been producing quality games and applications since early 2002. Our primary focus is on crafting retro styled 2D games that rekindle fond memories from the golden age of gaming.

You will find more than a few remakes here, like Mario Dash, which puts a new spin on the Nintendo classic. It expands the experience by allowing you to create and share your own levels with the included editor, and even design new game graphics!

There are also many original releases to enjoy. Be sure to check out Protogem, it's a unique puzzle game that features design elements found no where else.

All software we have released is donationware. You are free to copy and distribute it in any way you see fit, all we ask is that you consider making a contribution in return. As an independent developer, we rely solely on your charity to continue operation. Please visit the support section for more information.


  • Little Nemo's Nightmare released

  • Ms. Smac-Man, Wednesday Workshop entry completed

  • DopeWars for Wii and PC released!

  • Atari 2600 remake, Dragonfire is released on games page

  • HydraMax v0.7 full has been released for free

  • WiiScape - Wii Flash Games page is under construction

  • The full version of Protogem has been released for free!

  • Maverick Star demo is released!

  • ESP Tester added under applications

  • Balloon Battle game added

  • Mario Dash version 1.5 released!

  • Ironsword: Skull and Bones is released!

  • BlitzMax Mario Bros. multiplayer demo available

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