Blitz Code
All code belongs to Eiksoft unless noted otherwise

Jumping & Gravity Example
Picture Wave Effect | Required Image
Image Life bar function | Required Image
How to draw a semicircle: A very fast and gap free method
Inner Evil: A good example for sine & cosine newbies
Image Blender: How to blend two images into one. Great for interesting wallpaper
Mystify: A screensaver similar to the windows one. Source is available here.
Disable Maximize: A blitz+ userlib that allows otherwise unavailable window styles by Nullmind
Ruler+: This code requires Blitz+. It takes your screen and lets you make a measurement in pixels with the mouse.
Set Icon: This will set your program icon at runtime in B+/B3D. Code by Binary Moon.
Set Icon B2D | Required DLL: Unlike the above this DLL by Mearrin69 works in B2D. It works in B+/B3D too.
Replace Chr: How to replace a single character anywhere in a string with a new one.
Speed Tester: Hard Drive speed tester. Write a file of any size to compare the speed of different drives.
Mouse API: How to move the mouse anywhere and simulate clicks and mouse wheel movements.
Console API: The basics of creating your own console window in B+/B3D through API.
Asteroids: How to spin a ship and shoot at the angle its facing, ala asteroids.
Tile Map Example: Demo of how to do a two layer tile map with scrolling.
Text Box: How to code a text entry area. Needs word wrap added.
Mouse Angle: Shows how to do a soldat style shooter with random terrain and slope collision.
Image Rotation | Required Image: How to do 360 realtime sprite rotation.
B+ Framework: The basics of every B+ window, a good place to start.
GetColor Collision: Demonstrates collision detection through color coding.
B+ Graphics Window Fix | Required DLL: Allows graphics windows in B+ with minimize and close toolbar buttons.
Fullscreen Window: How to keep a window on top of the start menu in B+.
Grayscale Image: Example of how to turn an image to grayscale. Thanks to Andreas Blixt.
Struct Work: Passing a struct to an API function from blitz using types. Coder unknown.
Pong | EXE: Simple pong game I made when I got really bored.
2D Alpha Test: Demo release of my alpha blending DLL. Use it to combine two images quickly in realtime.
Car Driving: Full example on how to rotate and drive a car from the overhead perspective with collision.
Checkboard Effect: Multi-colored effect thats interesting to watch.
Hypno Candy Dish: Simple demo with an image particle emitter.
Unravel: Tiny effect.
Image Wave: Revisiting and recoding my effect from a year ago.
PlaySound replacement: API function to play a sound in blitz without loading it first.
Custom GUI Inputboxes: A Blitz+ CreateTextBox replacement that will work in fullscreen.
Change Desktop Wallpaper: Userlib to change the wallpaper.
System Memory: Userlib to list available and total system memory.
GUI Buttons: How to make your own custom GUI buttons in any version of blitz. Works in fullscreen.
Space Invaders: Example on making rows of enemies that move down the screen and shoot.
Random Landscape: Creating a random landscape by connecting lines. Uses an array of types.
New ScaleImage: How to resize an image in realtime from big to small using sswift's scale image function.
Text Adventure: Text adventure framework in Blitz+.
Replace Color: Reading color values and only replacing certain ones.
RTS Unit Selector: How to select real time strategy units by dragging a rectangle with the mouse.
Image from Data: How to construct an image from data statements and remove pixels from it upon collision.
Particle Blood: How to render a spray of blood particles.
Tabber Example: How to use tabs in Blitz+.
BlitzMax Example: The basics of window mode and type methods.

Socoder Weekly Write Challenge

Weather: Hail effect
Main Menu: Rotating Menu

C/C++ Code

Roll the Bones: A simple dice game
Crimson Caves This is what I consider my first C game. A text only adventure
Dump: I wrote this to dump executable code. Might be useful for something
Win32 Base code: The basics of displaying a window in C++
Exampe Code: A zip full of code I wrote while following the book Workout: C
Mouse Console Pos: Outputs the mouses x, y position in console mode.
Dimzel: An ASCII adventure game I abandoned.

Visual Basic Code

Hydra IDE: The framework for a Blitz IDE I abandoned
All Windows: A viewer that returns every window currently open on the system.
Color Requester: How to use the common dialog control for RGB requests.
File List: This code will list all files contained in a directory.
Parent/Child: How to alter a windows style to make it a child to another window (parent).
Date: Pass the full path of a file to this exe via commandline and the date it was created will be sent to c:\output.txt