EikOS released!

Designed to be run on your CRT gaming station, EikOS brings all of the recent EikSoft games releases under one interface. There are multiple ways to customize your desktop, and you can also configure joystick and keyboard input for each game before you launch them. The retro boot screen, screensavers, and old school computer hum sound effects will have you feeling like you're back in the Windows 95 days again! Future game releases will be integrated into EikOS as a version update.

- Includes Joust X, Little Nemo X, Demon Attack X, and Bubble Bobble RPG
- Retro boot sequence, complete with ram counter and energy saver badge
- Customize the colors of your desktop
- Custom mouse cursors
- Two retro screensavers, bounce and matrix
- Configure the controls of every game before you launch it
- Games launch in the screen mode matching EikOS for a seamless integration
- EikOS resumes just as you left it after gameplay
- Includes full source code



Download EikOS v1.0 (71MBs)

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