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GFK's Ultimate Spoof:

so i have milkshape..............

nihaio: so i just got milkshape and i dont know how to use it hehehe,
and ummmmif you could tell me how to use it it would be very genorous,
ummmmmm like how to make the outlines of the models please tell me alright
and ummm im very sorry for posting these questions but i want to make a game
really bad and umm yeah thats about it and umhm ttyl..

dang im stupid for asking all these questions

nihaio: ummmmmmmm........ can you use blitz 3d for the windows 98 also becouse my
brother is selling the windows xp

i need help wwith blitz3d like how to make the drawing 3d andhowtomaketheenvirements

nihaio: can you help me with this blitz3d i need to know how to make 3d stuff like cars
roads buildings street lights and every thing else and if you also know the code
to it please let me know cause i am fustrated with this thing thanks

umm how do i make a life bar on my game?

nihaio: how do i put a life bar on my game i tried looking it up on the
internet but they didnt help so please iam realy confused and yeah i can
make a lif thing but its like my life thing is the blast pic and ah im just
so confused so could you please help me out here....????

so where do i put all the life bar stuff here is my game

nihaio: you see im trying to make this game for my friend and um vwell i cant change
the lifebar its like my health is my blast and it is annoying me so i tried
to make a lifebar but i dont know where to put it so like please help me out
here thank you ; Nihaio

um yea im annoying i know that but ummmmm....

nihaio: um is there like um a uhtype of a yum dange like a wait thing you
know like a umm you know like there is a waitkey and a waitmouse but is there
a thing that waits it it self like i type something in then it justs wait for like
5 seconds then it cuts to another sentence?????

How do you make the computer say someone name after they have typed it

Jets: I want to ask the user his or her name but I don't know how to do it.
Input$("What is your name:"
;this is asking the user name
if input$=Name$ then
print Name$

What is my problem and thanks alot

Where can I get images for my program

Jets: I have a problem with Learning to Program With Blitz Basic from indigniton. I don't know how to get images,make them,or even code right. I am before a newbie and I just need help if any of ya out there who can help me and give me some sites that has tutorials on them here is my email address:

Is it illegal to do this

Jets: I have a friend who wants to program and I was going to burn the cd i bought from online and I was wondering was it illegal to do that and can I make Pac Man and sale it or do I have to put a Diffrent title on it or something can you give me examples.

making game logos and titles

Jets: How do I make a game logo like Sega and game Title?

Help with this code please

Graphics 640,480,16,2
AppTitle "Beginners Hacks"
svalue$="Beyblade"; password to the hack
Input$=("What is the password:"); asking the password
If ivalue=Input$ Then; if password is the same as input
Print "Hello Joshua";self-explanitory
Else; if not
EndIf; end if command
Input$=("Please input another name:"); asking the same question again
If Input=ivalue Then ; same as before
Text 120,208,("You have hacked this security file"); write You have hacked this security
EndIf; end if
Function HackAnswers(y/n)
Delay(250); wait for 2.5 secons
HackMore$=Input$("Do you want to try and hack more files(Y/N)?"); do you want to hack again
If HackMore$="Y"Or HackMore$="y" Then; Yes
Print "You felt for it, Ha Ha Ha Sucker!!!"; Printing this phrase
EndIf; same as before
If HackMore$="N"Or HackMore$="n" Then ; No
Print "I wasn't going to let you anyway"; Printing this phrase
EndIf; same as before
Delay(500); Wait 5 sec
For sucker=0 To 10 ; how many times to print sucker
Next sucker; go to the next sucker
Print sucker; printing sucker
End Function
End ; end of the program

How do your status get moved up in here

Jets: I was wondering how do your status be moved up in this thing and why won't bPaint work on my windows xp prof. and where can I get a Graphic or memory upgrade at


Chris8-8-8-8: any of u catch those hot chicks in the usa pictures man they hot well a little mabee alot man i wish i can get a girl like that.


Chris8-8-8-8: You can make programs with BB right?


Chris8-8-8-8: games are programms. man I learn new stuff everyday


Chris8-8-8-8: RPG games are those games with those annoying pop up screens with writing instead of the characters talking in the new 3D games. Man this made no sense. I can't explain in any better.


Chris8-8-8-8: huhh?? how did I become a elite member? o it counts the post Thats wierd I thought you had to pay to become like elite member or higher


Chris8-8-8-8: I just wanted to know how much lines would it take you for A.I? just curiouse.


Chris8-8-8-8: The article was boring. but I hate reading only when I want to read


Chris8-8-8-8: dude jsut let me tell u somthin. WE r not having this war because of oil jeeeeeeeeeese people wake up thats not the reason. oooooo lets go to war just for oil witch is not true we dont want the oil.


Chris8-8-8-8: eikon your a loser who really cares about my old post. You seem like the only one that cares so much about them.

(double post) your the one making this nonsense worse. not me so you stop bumping this nonsense. Posting my old postes up.


Title: pictures
mspy2: im haveing troble with bmp's.

Title: help
mspy2: hi im haveing a bit of troble with bmp's

Title: games?
mspy2: Any body seen any good games out there


Chris8-8-8-8: i havn't had any problems with my microsoft. But my friends are having a lot of trouble. You'll think microsoft could find a way to delete a virus before it happens.

Antony: That makes no sense.

Chris8-8-8-8: what? my reply made sense. I just said I was'nt having any proplems with microsoft.

(double post)
I meant viruses not microsoft


Chris8-8-8-8: thankyou u guys so much for ur help. on BB3D i can animate a 2d picture so it looks like the legs move rite and animate it so the picture looks like it pinching rite? like createanmi i dun no


CloudNine: And in your own language chris8-8-8-8
(Link to 'Haxor Google:

Chris8-8-8-8: wat does that mean add in my own language?

(double post)
o i get it now its a link man im stupid this week


Chris8-8-8-8: m sr srr sory sorry i am still hoced on fonics. i cant help i type to fast on the keyboard

ChipMunk: Eh?


Chris8-8-8-8: I got both Mohaas but after I installed XP they wont reinstall I was in a good clan too I was 2nd general big clan but left cause couldn't reinstall.

Cheats are for noobs dont cheat. At first I was bad at it but now I'm like the best sniper and rifler don't want to brag. But cheats no don't use em but if you want them go ahead. Plus my cousin tryed to cheat but the cheats didn't work

(Double Post)
Not much help probably mad at me

rIKmAN: Chris: The edit button is your friend, use it :)

Chris8-8-8-8: what edit button?

(double post)
oh lol


Chris8-8-8-8: 20,000 jeese thats a lot. Man I could never do that. I can't even make it through 30 lines without having 20 mistakes.


Chris8-8-8-8: It just on the Dev thing they got compile and run. When I hit that nothing happens except it compiles, but a screen doesn't show up. and I look to see if I got any errors and it says ERRORS=0. I type the "Hello World" command in and it doesn't show a screen that says hello world?

Null: Did you read my tutorial? (its in article section)

Chris8-8-8-8: cool thankyou. Where can I find your tut?

Null: Did you read my tutorial? (its in article section)
(Quotes Himself)

Chris8-8-8-8: nullmind it worked. Thank you so much. Ill look at your tutorials. thankyou soo much.

(double post)
now I need to find a different C++ book

(triple post)
Your tutorials are pretty good. There better than the book I got.

rIKmAN: Try using the edit button to add stuff to your posts rather than creating a new message...


Chris8-8-8-8: How do I animate a picture I draw in piant, and put it onto my game? I need to save it as a .GIF first right? Then I need some kind of animator?

TheChange: See LoadAnimImage

Chris8-8-8-8: Thankyou. So in paint draw a picture 4 times and oad it.

(double post)
I have a picture but I don't no how to show you?

Faceless: You need to use the [.IMG] [/.IMG] bb tags here to show an image. Remove the . when you type it.

Chris8-8-8-8: so like this
[.IMG]< Image.jpg >[/.IMG] without the .

Eikon: *shoots himself*

GabrielKnight74: Nuh uh. Log it before you do that ;)

* done ;) *

HELP! | Logged by GabrielKnight74

patisawesome: i'm trying to create a game-like-thing, and i don't know how to make it work. it keeps popping up "Program Has Ended". thanks for any help

BOATS | Logged by GabrielKnight74

patisawesome: I need a path for a boat (in other words, I need it to move) Thanks

CREATING DOWNLOADS | Logged by GabrielKnight74

patisawesome: how do i create download buttons? thanks

HELP WITH CARS | Logged by GabrielKnight74

patisawesome: can someone please get me some code for some race cars?

Gfk: You may need to be a tad more specific....

patisawesome: i'm trying to create a racing game, and i can't figure out how to do the other cars

patisawesome: is anybody there?

patisawesome: how long does it take for you people to anwser?

patisawesome: i'm waiting

Nebula: You mean the ai? The simple way to make it quick is to drive a lap yourself and record it. Then play it back and you have a car that drives a lap on its own. Another way, more complicated is to use some sort of pathfinding sytem.

patisawesome: i don't know how to record my lap ps can you type faster?

patisawesome: you peoples take a long time to anwser

GfK: You realise this is a forum, not a chatroom, right??

patisawesome: yeah

Gfk: So you understand that "on the odd occasion", it may take people longer than 30 seconds to reply to questions on here?

patisawesome: just tell me how to record please

Nebula: Store the x,y locations in a array every so many milliseconds while you record. Also store the rotation for the car every time. Be sure to increase the counter of the array every time you record the position. The counter being used to see where to put the recording. Here is some crude example code


You could also use types for storing the position. This is just a simple example.
And stop eating so much sugar

patisawesome: ok, i'll try that

patisawesome: this isn't working.

Nebula: Here is a working example on how to record your mouse pointer. It should get you started.


patisawesome: it isn't working still bye for today

Ruz: what have you been smoking patisawesome seems you are a bit of a cheeky so and so. try and ask people in a friendly manner ,Instead of demanding anwers. i am actually surprised anybody answered you "ps can you type faster" ha ha thats just hilarious

patisawesome: i think there's a problem with the syntax, well thank's anyways. i think i'm going to have to start over. bye

BULLETS | Logged by Slenkar

patisawesome: How do you create a bullet and make it fly out of a gun?

Master Beaker, Rob, and Ross C all offer code and help.

IF help=0

puki: Have a look at/play with some of the demos on your Blitz3d disk in your "Blitz 3D samples"

patisawesome: I have. None of them help me.

JudasXior: Why dont you just use the makehalflife2engine() function. It works perfectly for me. :D

patisawesome: I don't use functions. :(

JudasXior offers code

patisawesome: How do I code a function that creates a bullet?

SCREENSHOTS | Logged by Slenkar

patisawesome: How do I take a screenshot?

WolRon: Screenshot of what?

patisawesome: A game I'm in the middle of programing

bot builder: savebuffer command will help. just save the backbuffer after rendering, and before flipping.

patisawesome: Thanks, but how do I post my screenshot?

patisawesome: Oops. Forgot to log in.

patisawesome: Nevermind. I got it to work.

jfk: Don't be silly, Pat!
F:\Program Files\Blitz3D\screnshot\sd\screen1.bmp
you cannot link to your harddisk!

* Pat mysteriously vanishes from this thread... *

PAT'S SECRET ADMIRER | Logged by Slenkar

patisawesome: I'm creating a modeler, and I need help making it create stuff.(boxes,spheres,etc.)


WolRon offers help

patisawesome: I can't get the cursor to move!

puki: patisawesome" - I salute you! - most people would use a pre-written modeler - but you actualy want to write your own!!! Have it!!! I get the feeling you are jumping in both feet first into this - Respect! I like reading your many forum entries - I like the fact that you want to know so much at once.

patisawesome: Thanks Puki! I'm just doing this for fun. I'll take your advice on the keyboard controls. Thanks everyone for helping!

patisawesome: It won't create anything!

JudasXior: You could maybe try the make3dstudiomax6() function. That too works nice for me :D

THE EVER ELUSIVE AI | Logged by Slenkar

patisawesome: How do I create an AI that interact with each other?

Ravey: erm...code it?

Rob, ckob, and MadJack all offer help.

patisawesome: Hmmm... that should help me for now.

patisawesome: Okay, this is getting a little out of hand. I think that bot builder is correct. I heard of a program in which a little guy moves around in a maze and makes decisions based on his surroundings. What I'm trying to get is an AI with a virtual brain, and attacks other AI.

* Amazingly more people offer detailed code and explanations *

patisawesome: I tried to make my enemy turn out lights, and I (tried) to make them turn back on, but they won't!

patisawesome: How do you do the code box?

patisawesome: AHHH!!! WEEEE!!! (in a code box)

MOVING CAM| Logged by WolRon

patisawesome (Posted 2003-11-26 22:26:48)
I'm trying to make my cam move up and down while I walk, I can't get it to! I've even 
tried AddAnimSeq. Can anybody help?

jfk (Posted 2003-11-27 00:07:31)
if the camera is parented to a player pivot:

if walking then a=a+1 mod 360
positionentity camera, entityx(camera,0), entityy(player,0)+.5*sin(a), entityz(camera,0),0

patisawesome (Posted 2003-11-27 10:34:36)
It doesn't work the way I want it to.

WolRon (Posted 2003-11-27 11:57:03) Edit
If you expect someone to offer help then you need to *EXPLAIN* HOW IT DOESN'T WORK, OR WHAT 
EXACTLY IS NOT WORKING CORRECTLY. Simply saying it doesn't work doesn't tell us anything. 
(We cannot read your mind...)

patisawesome (Posted 2003-11-27 11:58:47)
I mean that it's acting the way it was before!(In other words, it woundn't move up and down)

jfk (Posted 2003-11-27 12:26:31)
Well, "If walking" is pseudocode, of course. You must think with the code, not only copy and paste. 
so when your player is walking because of some keypresses or whatever, then set a variable named 
"walking" to 1, else to 0. To simplyfy this, just omit the IF statement. Also enlarge the 
Y-multiplyer to 2.0.

a=a+1 mod 360
positionentity camera, entityx(camera,0), entityy(player,0)+2.0*sin(a), entityz(camera,0),0

Also - you need a pivot named player that is parent of the camera to work with this
( player=createpivot(): camera=createcamera(player) )

Walking around will then no longer mean you have to move the camera, instead move the player-pivot, 
which will carry the camera automaticly. To turn around the player you will have to turn the 
player-pivot, while to look up or down you'll have to turn the camera.

patisawesome (Posted 2003-11-28 11:53:25)
It still doesn't work.

Shambler (Posted 2003-11-28 14:50:03)
Post your code otherwise we'll be here until eternity ^^ 


patisawesome	(Posted 2003-11-16 14:11:21)
I need an animation program. Does anybody have a suggestion?

jhocking	(Posted 2003-11-16 15:10:20)
CharacterFX is very good (and cheap) for low-pol skeletal animation. For recommendations 
regarding any other type of animation, please be specific.

MasterBeaker	(Posted 2003-11-16 18:29:45)
CharacterFX is pretty much the only low cost option, really.

jfk	(Posted 2003-11-17 11:34:55)
In theory you can get 3D Canvas, it's freeware, and the Pro-Version is 50$:

you need then to export it as DX8 .X, then convert it to .B3D using Stickmans Converter from :

EDIT - wait a minute - my mistake: you need at least the PLUS Version of 3D Canvas to save the 
Animations as .X. The PLUS Version costs about 35$, and the PRO Version costs 70$ and offers even
more. you can try to free Vesion and see if you like it. you still can export your work after 
purchasing the PLUS Version. personally I use CharacterFX too, but for CharacterFX you also need 
a Modeller and a Texturing Tool. Oh, yeah, btw., just for in case: you don't need to test Anim8or
- IT can animate and it can save .3DS...but it cannot save animated .3ds, only static ones. 
It can save animations only in it's own format which is pretty useless. Not shure about the 
Animation export capabilities of:

Sybixsus	(Posted 2003-11-17 18:47:01)
You ever consider changing your nick to PatIsVague? Do you even mean 2d animation or 3d?

carpman	(Posted 2003-11-18 13:53:15)
I think the free version of 3DCanvas now imports and exports .x format but I'm not sure if you can export 
animations. It's a great program. Try it.

patisawesome	(Posted 2003-11-25 20:44:17)
2 things
(1)I mean 3D animation
(2)I just got MilkShape3D
Thanks for the help!

edit: I can't get milkshape to animate!

patisawesome	(Posted 2003-11-28 21:02:39)
If help=0

Sybixsus	(Posted 2003-11-28 21:11:24)
Four people helped you already. Their advice is good. What more help do you need?

patisawesome	(Posted 2003-11-28 21:16:02)
I can't get milkshape to animate.

jfk	(Posted 2003-11-29 05:54:31)
Error: function "helpneeded()" not found.
Error: unassigned Statement "I can't get milkshape to animate." - Missing Parameters.

Ross C	(Posted 2003-11-29 11:55:35)

patisawesome	(Posted 2003-11-29 16:37:22)
Har har.

Rob Farley	(Posted 2003-11-29 17:31:06)
You're best bet is to use the milkshape forums for specific milkshape help. Milkshape animates using 
bones so you've got to assign all your verts to bones. Once you've done that only then will you be able 
to animate. Animation in milkshape is a touch shaky, however, once you get the hang of it it's fine.
Start by creating a shed load of frames, if you're doing a walk animation pick about 4 key poses and 
leave gaps of a few frames between those. Milkshape will automatically fill in the gaps. Then adjust the 
inbetween frames to make sure feet don't go through the floor and stuff. Have a good play first so you 
have some specific questions then people will be able to help you better.
Cheers, Rob.

patisawesome	(Posted 2003-11-29 22:09:26)
I can't figure out how to assign vertects to bones.

Doggie	(Posted 2003-11-30 07:14:01)
There are step by step instructions in the help file.
If I were a betting man, I'd bet you already found that much out but jumped in instead of starting at the 
beginning and working your way through to it. I do that all the time and it's kind of a mistake. So, start 
with the fundamentals, even if you think you don't need to and work your way through.

patisawesome	(Posted 2003-11-30 16:17:00)
I don't have the help files. And when I try to download them, it makes me close.

jhocking	(Posted 2003-12-02 07:12:30)
Never mind the help files. Just read the tutorials on the Milkshape website. Study Scarecrow's tutorials in 
particular. Still, I would recommend picking up CharacterFX too. I use Milkshape for some modeling tasks but 
always CharacterFX for animation. It's only $15.

patisawesome	(Posted 2003-12-02 17:45:50)
I don't know how to get the "skeleton" window to pop up.

jhocking	(Posted 2003-12-03 08:30:51)
What "skeleton" window? Everything you need for rigging characters (ie. creating and assinging joints) is 
accessible on the various tab menus.

csven	(Posted 2003-12-03 09:34:52)
I don't know what to make of this thread.

Ross C	(Posted 2003-12-03 11:46:04)
Do you have a hoist that gets you out of bed? Read the tutorials. They will help you do what you wanna do.

Smiff	(Posted 2003-12-03 15:48:12)
How do you make a hoist ?

Amon	(Posted 2003-12-06 08:26:14)
I have a thing that doesnt work because its broken in that place. Please can somebody help!!

patisawesome	(Posted 2003-12-10 17:14:01)
Never mind! Obviusly I have to figure it out myself!

Ross C	(Posted 2003-12-10 17:30:02)
Please Pat. Have you tried reading your posts? Their not very helpful.

Doggie	(Posted 2003-12-10 18:24:04)
Problem is...the skeleton window keeps popping up!