version 0.7

Requires VB6 runtimes which come preinstalled on 2k/XP. You may also need these files if you receive an error on startup: Comdlg32.ocx, Mfc42.dll, and Msvcrt.dll Get them at dll-files.com

From 0.5
- Multiple Document interface so that you can edit many files at once.
- View all files, no restrictions on file type.
- Extensive font support, all fonts and sizes.
- Style support, bold, italic, and underline.
- Text alignment features, left, center, and right aligned.
- Numbering and Bullet outline system.
- Printer support.
- Find and Find Replace options.
- Insert bmp, jpg, png, wmf, and tif images directly into your document.
- Line number and Column statistics.
- Multiple undo and redo features.
- Arrange, Tile, and Cascade window options.
- Tiny file size of 56kb, editor is very small and fast.
- The perfect notepad replacement.

New in 0.7
- Smaller file size
- Insert Text feature
- Text Color and Text Background color properties
- View and Insert menu
- All toolbar buttons now have tooltips
- New program icon
- Ability to change editor back color
- Support to open file from command line so that you can associate EikEdit to auto open filetypes
- Support for RTF format (only format that saves inserted images and text colors)
- Hideable toolbar and statusbar to preserve screen space and make EikEdit as slim as notepad
- Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, and Select all menu and right click menu support
- 50%, 100%, and 200% document zoom features
- User.cfg config file that saves the following preferences from load to load
Parent Window State
Toolbar Visible Status
Statusbar Visible Status
Parent Back Color
Document Window State